• Practice with smopod

    Training with smopod improves your abilities from strength and speed to agility and reaction.

  • Smart practice

    Make your workout smart with smopod

  • More motivation

    Train with more motivation by competing with your teammates

  • Various exercises

    Various exercises suitable for every goal and every level

Smopod training set

A new workout system that helps you do your workouts smartly. Smopod consists of a set of LED pods that are managed and controlled using the Smopod software installed on smartphones.

Revolutionize your workouts

Smopod motivates you to react faster, push your limits and speed up your performance, challenge yourself or compete with others.

Exercise smartly with Smopod software

Install the SMOPOD software, take control of your Pods and choose one of the defined sports exercises and do your exercise intelligently.


Increase muscle strength

Strengthen cardiovascular health

Increase focus and accuracy


Enhance reaction speed

Technical Specifications

Suitable for

EMS Club

Sport clubs


Smopod software

Increase muscle strength

Increase muscle strength

Increase muscle strength

Increase muscle strength

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